Monthly Game Night


I recently quit my job due being sick and the stupid attendance policy, so I should be able to make that one, unless something comes up.



Updated with date for next months event. Also depending on work scheduling, I may try to snag some people for a few impromptu TF2 soon.


Do we still have the power to silence people globally, or anything like that anymore?


Really depends on if you were put in the users database as an admin.


Also, why globally mute when those kids were bringing me great joy by not being quick enough to realize everyone was mocking them.


Getting a slightly earlier jump on the even reminder this time (aka I don’t know what my work schedule is like next week so I’m getting this made and posted now while I have time).


I updated the original post with the next event date Friday 11/1/13

(boring post is boring)



As much as it saddens me I don’t think I will be able to make this tonight. Too much shiznit going on this weekend. If ankle slayer shows up someone please shoot him in his fat head for me!


Servers are updated and ready to roll!

I probably will not be on though. I have to work tomorrow at 7 AM. We’ll see!


Thanks to everyone who came, I know it was a holiday party night, we had a short but epic, blast.


The next Monthly TF2 night will be on Friday, December 6th at 9pm as per the norm. Your friendly F7 cohorts also have something sneaky up their sleeves just for you to be announced in the next few upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!


Oh boy do we. December shall bring some fun for all the boys and girls.


Sorry, I just had to get in on this.



Also don’t forget!!!


I wish I could be there friday night with everyone but the wife and I had this crazy idea that we would sign up for this 10 mile race which is saturday morning starting at 7:30. Which means that we get to wake up somewhere around 5:30 so we can be there by 6:30 to get our stuff and figure out where we need to be exactly. The fun part is that our high for the day is about 40 and it is supposed to rain so not only will I be tired after I will also be wet and freezing my ass off (I guess I could afford to lose a little bit of it). Sooooo long story short, I will be going to bed quite early the night before and not shooting people in their fat heads.

If ankle slayer shows up someone please shoot his fat head for me. Thanks!


Xmas Xtravaganza?? Just need one more X and that’ll be a party… Too bad all I have is an Esca (Xca? Lulz)


Wow! Good luck with all that! Let us know how you do. =D