Monthly Game Night


And thankfully I now know how to wield the BanHammer of justice against future idiocy.



Great turn out for the event last night everyone. From what I heard and briefly saw it seemed like a good time. I’ve updated the main post to reflect the date of the next event. Please mark your calenders and try to join us for another evening of TF2 fun. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments about the event or how we could improve it please don’t hesitate to post a reply. Finally, please don’t forget that these servers are up and running 24/7 and you are in no way limited to these events. I for one would love to see the sever full more than once a month so don’t hesitate to seed it yourself and remember that you can contact any staff member for a Steam spam.

EDIT: I just realized that the first Friday of July will be the 5th. I realize some people may have plans for that weekend since it will be a holiday. If you foresee this being an issue and you would rather push it back a week later please let me know in this thread.


Considering I am at current a very unemployed graduate and will have just moved to a new city with SOC, I probably have zilch planned for that weekend (July 5). That being said, I know we have family people, and less lame people here, so I am totally fine with moving it to the next Friday (July 12) if that works best for every one else.

Oh and hopefully rats tequila wont kill the servers again, lol.

(Also, HUZZAH for the forums letting me post this finally!)


Ahh yes, I had not thought about this. I will have my parent’s in town so I will be limited on my computer time. I also vote for the following friday.


Some of our members will be holding an impromptu TF2 gaming session tonight utilizing our brand new server. We will be starting around 8:00 pm EST and it will be a great chance to get our servers active again. If you can make it please try to join us for an evening of TF2.



Just to alleviate some confusion and to bump the topic, TF2 night will be on July 12th this month, the second Friday, as the previous Friday is during a Holiday weekend.

We didn’t want to try to compete with your family for your attention.

That being said, I, and hopefully other losers like me, will be online TF2ing it up Friday the 5th anyway. Please feel free to join me in my loserness.


I would but my family and I will be on that “family vacation”, all next week so the 12th works better for me.


Since I am le super dumb and can’t remember things, the Amazing @Esca and @f0rkz will be helping with the Friday’s Monthly TF2 night event.

@SOCRATEZ and I have an apartment to clean but we will be with you in spirit (and he’ll probably have the server stats up on his laptop while we work),


Thanks to everyone who came out!
We may need to have a TF2 POWER HOUR next weekend for all our non-LANgoing friends to join in the fun.


How dare you be an adult???
If you’re still in ATL, you should come to the F7 dinner Saturday eveningish if you can! Have a drink for your graduation!


I start my temp (aka retail slave while I wait for a lab to get back to me) job this week, but I would definitely be down for some TF2ing with the LAN homies if I can manage it.

@angrysquare Graduating/job hunting sucks, stop growing up immediately. I demand it.


Well then that is great news, good luck man!


Blargh, I’ve worked every Friday since we started this whole shebang. Hopefully I’ll actually make it one of these days.


Well the next one is Aug 2, so maybe we’ll see you then!


Just being a nuisance and bumping this post for this Fridays event!!!


Oh man, Netflix just released Season 5 of Breaking Bad. TF2 night or an evening of with Walter and Jessie?? Oh well, I guess I can wait one more night to watch it.

Let’s start with some tough love. You two suck at peddling meth.
Period. ` Saul Goodman


OMG. I was just about to get amazon prime since we recently dropped netflix and last I knew they didn’t have it. I have to catch up.

Also, this should be the last monthly TF2 night I should miss, unless they push back the start date for my work schedule change.


I’m waiting until all of the season is out before I watch it, else I know I’ll regret it when I get to the interim end.

Also, thanks to everyone who showed up last Friday despite my only being on a few minutes at a time. Apparently I need to update my game booster to be able to play >_<.

The date of the next event is Sept 6th, I’ll even update it in the first post this time.


Since they’ve got me working days, I should actually be able to make this one.