Monthly Game Night




Server is up and running! Here is the server information when the event date comes along.


woohoo! Can’t wait for it!


Anyone who plans to or is considering attending this event please ensure you have updated prior to the event. Depending on when you last played TF2 you may have quite a few updates that may take longer than you anticipate. Thanks.


I updated and “better formatted” my game files for like 2 hours on Saturday. This is no joke!


Yeah, its quite a conversion. Took me a couple of hours, but I did that a few weeks ago.


Who is excited for tomorrow?

Last minute stragglers who want to join?


When is this shindig going to start. I don’t want to join up too late and miss the fun times.


I’m going to be on a little before 8, I figure people will mosey on closer to 9 unless they happen to see their peeps on sooner.

Plus we didn’t so much discuss a time and 8 sounds as good as any time to me. :wink:


I should be on sometime between 8 and 9:00.


I’ll set up a spam to go out at 9:00 pm but people are more than welcome to start playing earlier. In fact I encourage it since it will be easier to fill the server with a spam with we already have several people in the server when it goes out. Plus, getting there early will guarantee you have a spot in the server for the event. I hope everyone has fun tonight.


F7 TF2 Night, it’s kinda like that.


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It must be the era. I felt like I was watching an old Dr Who episode with that clip… And starcraft has trained my brain to see Archon and I think of…

And I’d use an image link, but for some reason, the forum STILL thinks I’m a new user…


blah. I know I converted TF2 a few months ago, but apparently it decided it needed another conversion? I’m currently stuck here waiting for it to finish it’s optimization.


Still hotlinking protection on another site.


Hooray, first TF2 night AND first Banhammer! GG SOCRATEZ!


I’d like to thank Jebus and my Mom for always being there for me. I heard Voldenae complaining about someone being nasty and couldn’t resist the chance to log the first ban on the new server.

War, war never changes.