Monthly Game Night


Unfortunately, It appears I will not be able to make this game night because I will be in Atlanta on Thursday and Friday for a concert.


Bummer, thanks for the heads up. We’ll miss you!!!

We have two more spots on the second team, any takers??


You’ll be in ATL you say…


I vote bar and darts.


We (Myself and Shenanoska) are in btw. Our other choice would have been trying to run out and catch Age of Ultron with some friends right after Shen gets off work, which is a bit of mess on opening weekend.


Yep, gonna be there tomorrow for a Zelda concert at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. Should be pretty awesome because I love me some Zelda games and music.

Maybe if we meet up you can help talk the girlfriend into going to the LAN :stuck_out_tongue:


We now have two full teams of 6 for Friday night and will start a new team for anyone who has not RSVPed yet.


Challenge accepted.


Heads up! IT IS TONIGHT!!!



t minus 1 hour?


In case you wanted a timer

Also, apparently I can’t paste widgets?

Is it so I don’t break the internet again?


can I raise the roof?

(you can say ‘no’- I’m still gonna do it anyway)


Who would say no? Is it even legal to deny roof raising? (for game night at least?)


In case it was a surprise to anyone, Game Night is coming up again June 5th at 9pm (est)

In case it was an even bigger surprise, the game of choice will be Killing Floor 2. The new map (Manor, featured in this month’s event photo) has been released and we have collectible dosh to find!!!

We will meet in mumble prior, and organize which servers to head to accordingly. If you are new and wish to join in, please meet us in mumble before 9 to get acquainted with everyone and find a group.

We are running multiple servers, so there is enough space for everyone who wishes to take part.