Monthly Game Night


Also, if you want to be lame like me and not play (I don’t own csgo) you can just come hang out with everyone in mumble while they play.

Never a dull moment.


I’m bummed that I missed it.
Was playing a game with @freeb1rd and @Zadasolar and it went laaaaaate.


Dice rolling simulator 5000


Dice rolling simulator: Live edition


More like shitty dice being thrown across the room simulator


Just in case you were wondering, or you didn’t catch the not so subtle hints, Killing Floor 2 is this (next?) month’s game for Game Night!!!

We want to try to preform some teams since several people are interested, so if you want to play, say so and we will add your name to a list. If you have a preference of with whom you play and we have multiple teams rolling, then let us know where you want to be.

Team Swiggity Swooty

  2. @Voldenae
  3. @freeb1rd
  4. @Zadasolar
  5. @rew1red
  6. @f0rkz

  1. @Carl_Bananas
  2. @angrysquare
  3. @Xiro
  4. @capnmorgan
  5. Schlinky
  6. Shenanoska

(Teams are reworkable as necessary)

Killing Floor 2 Game Night

Me and @Zadasolar are in.


I’m always down for killing the floor with all the blood of the zeds. We will drown the floor. It must die!


Awww yeah. I’m in. I think we will need another team.


Ugh fine- I guess I’ll have to play this with you guys.



I’ll play!


I need to double check with Shen, but we should both be down for some killing floor.


Cereal and I will be in Florida. You guys get good so you can carry us as we level up welding. :wink:


Reminder to post this in the news and announcements board :slight_smile:


'>.> Noooooo… I didn’t! Well, I don’t feel so behind, then. XD


I’m in


Bumping so people have to click to make the annoying notification go away and sign up in the process


Count me in.


Gotcha down @Xiro !!

Also WTF @f0rkz, I can only mention 10 people per post? Maybe I want to mention everyone on the forums! WHY DEAR GOD WHY!?!?!?!?

Ok, it wasn’t that big a deal, I just thought it was funny.


Should be able to fix that!