Monthly Game Night


I think we should definitely do it again.


I think we should do it again since I was unavailable for the last one. Now that I am back in my own house on my computer I may be able to carve out 5 or 10 minutes to myself for some gaming.


yea last time was so much fun I’m surprised its not Bi-Weekly game night lol


F7 All Day Every Day.


Well we’ve been hopping in mumble and playing Evolve almost every night for a month now. Having a game night every month is awesome, however most of the time in between if people who wanted to play whenever just idled in mumble a lot more games would get played a lot more often. No real reason to organize more than the big monthly thing.


We struggle to get people to log into the forums, let alone attend our monthly game nights. Lets not push it.

I’m currently back to working ~80 hour weeks again so I’m just as guilty but yeah.


Getting this one out a little early, game night is Friday April 3rd at 9pm, so you have roughly two weeks to mentally prepare yourself for DOOM


I have been preparing myself by practicing taking bullets to the head. I played with @ph34rbot last night and wasn’t so bad when on the same team but opposing he whipped my ass good. Carl needs more practice.


I haven’t had a chance to play CS: GO yet, but it can’t be much different from CS: Source, right? I’ll give it a try.


@ph34rbot likes to hide and be all sneakylike. Suddenly the bush is killing you. FOOLD YOU SPAGET


The dynamics are much more like 1.6 rather than Source.


Just a reminder that tomorrow night is CSGO Game Night.

Be there or be a 4-sided equilateral polygon!


Oh hell, I scheduled to get nerve blocked that morning and forgot. I may or may not be there…if I am, I might be a bit out of it.


Since me and the wife are going to be kid-free tomorrow night, we’re going to the movies and dinnah. No makey for me. )=


Good for you. I love my child but I also love those rare nights when someone else is willing to watch her.


My daughter is the only grandchild on both sides of the family, so we get requests for sleepovers/sitters a lot. We try to take advantage about 50% of the time because sooner or later she’s going to want to have all her friends at the house and I am not mentally prepared for that. The GP’s house isn’t going to be cool in a few years. Half a dozen girls in the 7-9 age range… shudders


Best excuse ever!!! :wink:


I have been there and it is not pretty. :cold_sweat:


I feel this goes well for the current topic


I’ll be there!