Monthly Game Night

Absolutely, I’m all about getting together with some F7ites Friday and playing GoI or what ever else. Just with Voldenae and I visiting friends and family I didn’t want to organize anything official only to be unable to deliver.

Well, we shall play some Guns of Icarus Friday. f0rkzmandate, join mumble and let’s get some crews going!

I’ll pilot with @freeb1rd and tricky. We need another crew member for a full load.

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Game night scheduled f0rkz style.

Post here for roll calls and get your spot in a crew!

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dibs on last crew slot on this ship!

@Carl_Bananas ship full D: There is another crew forming up though! Head over here to get your spot, yarrr

In case you missed the announcement, @Esca and @Super_Cereal are hosting a Heroes and Generals night this Friday night (which is your traditional event night).

It is a free game, so there is no purchase required to participate in the event!!!
You can check out the discussion here: F7 First Friday! (Feb 6)

There is also the potential of a Guns of Icarus gathering the same night, so keep your eyes peeled if interested.

I’m not gonna lie, the phrase “Keep your eyes peeled” always makes me squirm a bit inside.


I knew that was going to be the next comment.

OH HEY!! It’s already March. MARCH, people, March.

Just leaving this here:

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I’ll try to be there to host this bad boy but I may be on call. If life gets in the way I’ll make sure a spam is in place to allow it to go on without a hitch. Hope to see you there.

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Prepare for shift walking butthurt and f7 suddenly a super serious csgo community.


I’m officially not on call Friday so provided there are no disasters between now and then I should be there.

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I wish I could be there for this one. I will be driving to Florida so I will be away from my computer for about a week and half. :frowning: Not like I get that much time on it these days anyway.

So, Soc and I drove back to NC for a tasting. We now can’t get back into WV because of Winter Storm Thor. We are two states away from our rigs and the cat.

However we have a slight back up plan and Soc should still be there for the CSGO event night. At least he will if he can steal either @Viden or @Patches laptops

A coworker sent me this picture. A whole lotta Nope.

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Man that sucks guys, be safe and I hope your kitty is okay!

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Thanks! We are going to play it safe and wait until Sunday to drive home. It gives us an excuse to spend more time with family, and the weather will be back in the 50s by then.

And Gizmo should be fine. Unless he tips over every bowl of water I left him, lol. Cats are jerks.

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This just in: I love that your cat is named Gizmo.

He’s a spoiled brat. He got an entire bed at his grandparent’s house.

He also tries to sit in my lap while I game at my desktop. He doesn’t help. And he will not be participating in CSGO night.


What time is the monthly game night tonight?

Scroll up past pictures of cats and weather.