Monthly Game Night


I wanted to play that night but I got sucked into binge watching Breaking Bad and Hemlock Grove (yes, I am a little behind the times). I promise to make more of an effort to make it next tf2 night.


Yeah, well it was pizza night and several glasses of Sangria…next thing I knew it was pushing 11 when I remembered we were doing the rescheduled TF2 night.


Same thing happened to me except I realized it was Saturday… Dadfail.


Yep Yep, that is this Friday! Put on your sexy pantsuit and get to slayin!!

…I don’t know where the pant suit thing came from.


Oh :shit:! I made an appointment for a massage on Friday night. Too much carrying around this tiny 12 lb person has destroyed my back in only a week. Maybe when I get home I can jump on for a few minutes but it will probably be empty by then.


December Game Night

As many of you know, we are playing Left 4 Dead 2 for this month’s Game Night. The event will take place December 5th at 9 pm.

I would like to ask for responses saying if you can attend, this way multiple games can be organized as necessary.

We can all meet via mumble at 9 and decide game modes/parties then. If people want to come in to chat but not necessarily play, I welcome you to do that as well.

Port: 64738


Group 1

  • Voldenae
  • Ouch
  • F0rkz
  • SuperCereal
  • Angrysquare
  • Freeb1rd
  • Nulloperations

Have a suggestion for next month’s game night? Feel free to share!!

December Game Night

I will be there.


I’ll try to be up and on!


I’ll try,but Friday’s are Games workshop pre-order release days, so I tend to forget and spend the day up at the shop and then be like “oh yeah, it’s f7 tf2 night…oops”…and it’s like 8pm and the shop is closing…or we’re all sitting around hitting the cheap margaritas and tacos at julios next door for late night happy hour.


I am going to attempt to be there but i do not own left 4 dead 2 so I will probably hang in mumble and play something else or see if I can get the tf2 server going with endless spam messages or just go pub stomp someone else’s server.


We will be streaming if you want to view the shenanigans as it happens.


Just a bump to remind people that the event is next Friday, so that still leaves you nearly two weeks to register!


I am going to be in Florida with family, but @Super_Cereal will be home! And he loves L4D2. So he should play, and you guys should stream, so I can participate in some small way. Twitch on the ipad it is…


Esca got her date wrong, thought it was this Friday (i.e., November 28). We should be around on December 5, and I’ll definitely play!

~Super C.


For those of you who don’t own Left 4 Dead 2 it is currently 50% off on Steam and can be picked up for $9.99. Well worth it at that price and just in time to join us for game night.


Update: Left 4 Dead 2 is currently 75% off on Steam and can be purchased for 4.99. Just in time for our L4D2 Event!

@Carl_Bananas and anyone else who doesn’t own it, now is your chance.


Bumping, just to annoy people who insist on having all those updates on the bar cleared out.

Not that I know what it’s like to be one of those people…nope.


FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I haven’t checked the forums in a few days and now the deal is not there.


Check the forums everyday boys and girls.


And steam for good deals! Unfortunately for me somedays it is a choice between taking a nap or getting on a computer. Most times the nap wins. I’m sure @f0rkz can relate.