Monthly Game Night


Welcome to Game Night!

The first Friday of every month we will be getting together for an
evening of pixelated carnage and fun! The event will start promptly at 9:00 pm unless stated elsewhere but people are free to join earlier or later as needed.

Please ensure that your client is updated prior to the event to avoid
unexpected downtime while you wait for an update.

Please note that the event is first come first serve. There are exceptions, such as when we ask for registration prior to an event, other wise, we cannot guarantee space although additional servers are available for use.

Even in non-registration events, giving us a heads up is always appreciated. This will give us a better guess of how many users to expect and will allow us to plan any giveaways accordingly. The more people that sign up and show up then the more giveaways we can do.

If you want to just join us for a chat, or hang out, our mumble info is listed below. Feel free to join us before an event, or during. Some of our games will also be streamed for live viewing, so look for updated info in later posts to tune in!

Mumble info:
Port: 64738

TF2 Server Info:

If server fills, feel free to join any other of our TF2 servers for fun!


We will have the server: up and ready for TF2 night.


I’m in!! (I think, so far, at this moment).


Thanks for getting that set up for us, you’re the best.

And stop being confusing @angrysquare


Sounds good, I’ll be there! That will be a couple of days before I turn 46, man the years just keep on flying by.


Funny, on the 30th Voldenae turns 27 and I’ve been giving her shit about being old.


In definitely in!!! So is Korben!!!


I’ll still be in the middle of studying for my boards so I’ll be unable to make it. I can help set things up if you guys need spams or what not. Other than that I’ll be hearing Voldenae have fun from the other room while I let my tears drip down on my notes.


Eff yea @angrysquare and I can be old together!

(Even though I am beating you by a few years…)


As long as I’m home, count me in.


Friday is usually the night I head over to the brother’s place for a night of drinking and M:tG but I have been wanting to do some TF2 for a while.


Bring him to your place for a night of TF2, drinking and M:tG.


So I just tried to play a little TF2 to get back in the spirit of things. I’ve now spent half an hour converting my game content to a ‘more efficient format’. Some of you may wish to start up TF2 to at least get that out of the way.


Good call click, I didn’t even consider updating.


What happened to “I’m going to the pool.”? Are you such an addict you are incapable of going for a swim without checking the forums?


I think this friday will be good…future friday’s may be dead in the water as that is one of my work days, and won’t be until late.


If I want to check forums poolside I will.
And remember, TF2 night is next Friday (June 7) not this one.


I think WALL-E predicted something like this.


bleh. The month of June should be fine. Future months, probably an issue.


I’m down for TF2 night.