LANFest 2015 Summer LAN


I really really hope you guys can make it!


should I bring my monitor also?


If you would like to play games that’s advisable :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol sweet I’m gonna bring my 3dvision one with nvida 3d vision kit because minecraft


Since I’m not sure what precisely you needed to do on your end as far as the seating nonsense goes, and I don’t really feel like re-reading everything over again. I paid my ticket fee but didn’t take a seat. Be gentle.


Works for me. That’s exactly what we needed you to do :slight_smile:


We liiiive



People that have registered:

Please let me know where you want to sit within our area. We’ll have you assigned.


All we need is our rad as fuck bowling jerseys and we’ll officially be the most prosperous looking group there. I. Am. Ready.


Posting it here is probably fine; username/desired seat number and I can assign them on the LANFest site.


Do you think we’ll have space left in our room in about two weeks? I’m planning on attending, just waiting to get paid next month.


Yes. Absolutely.


I already purchased the ticket I don’t really care where I sit you can sit me next to someone I know and I’ll have fun and talk to them all night or sit me next to someone I’ve never heard of and I’ll do the same thing lol… provided they are not le douche


Good news sir I choseth a seat for you. That empty next to you is @bl3nd0r


I’ll cash monies this Friday for my seat. I am already excite for the LAN.


All these people coming to the LAN. MUCH EXCITE


Bought my ticket. Could someone with authori-tay please move me to seat P8? :slight_smile:


Request sent to the authorti