LANFest 2015 Summer LAN


It is time! Time to make sure your hardware is updated and ready to roll out the door. Time to figure out how to fit all your crap in the car. Time to give those old hard drives the beating of a lifetime driving down to Atlanta. For once the Ides of March, the April thunderstorms are over, and the heat just couldn’t get any more unbearable, ITS LAN PARTY TIME.

This event will be epic, for more reasons than its a BYOC LAN party. F7Lans members and friendly regulars on our site will have an exclusive VIP BYOC room all to themselves! So once registration goes live, make sure you spycrab over to the LANFest event page and register to reserve your seat!

The exclusive F7lans room will be available but not on the registration. If you want to sit with our crazy butts, register your ticket and do not select a seat. Hopefully we will have something more concrete in the next few days. But for now, just pay for your ticket and do not select a seat.

Registration is live!

This year we will be increasing the LAN capacity to grow this event to even bigger proportions.

F7 also has some VIP tricks of their sleeves, so please stay tuned for some awesome F7 events and perks right around the corner!




I for one am pumped about this event and our private space. I was thinking we could do some cool lighting effects and/or music in there to crank it like a F7Lan!

Any suggestions?


Constant loop of:


Now is the part where I lie in a fetal ball and cry because I don’t think I can get the time off. Stupid weather has been eating away at my time off.


I think I may actually be able to make this one. Worst case scenario I’ll have to work Friday but I could easily head there after work.


I’ll be there with a working pc rain or shine!


does anyone know when the registration is open? and will we have to select a specific option for being part of the f7 lan group?


Registration is open (link on the homepage), but I am unsure how the select a seat thing will work for our private room. I’ll ask my fellow staff people to see how we want to handle it.


Ok. If you want to go ahead and register do so and do not select a seat. I’ll post more when we can reserve (if we can). Since this is a very special thing we may have a F7 roster to go by and have at registration.


I’m on and see no way to register


Clicky the button on the homepage.

The event hasn’t been officially published yet, so that is why the registration is hidden from events.

We are that exclusive!


god I’m so confused the picture u posted has a “reserve your seat” button but its just a picture so obviously I cant click it and the top post doesn’t even have that button

Can you just post the link to reg


Its on our homepage, brah:


lol I am a scrub I’m on the forums so much I forgot we have an actual homepage. BTW are we doing like a group hotel thing cause as a frequent AWA and Momocon participator I know first hand traffic to the Sheraton sucks


The entire event has a group rate, it’s listed on the registration page but here is the link anyway:


You aren’t the only one to say that.


Awwwww =( <3


I don’t know if Cereal and I will be able to make it… It’ll all come down to whether or not he has a work blackout that weekend… ;;>.>