Lan party this weekend?


Actually, we have a creative and a regular vanilla survival server.


whats the creatives ip? all I found was the survival




thanks I see not a lot of people play the survival


Greetings and welcome, Cap’n. \m/

I think the survival server was reset since the last time Cereal and I spent any real time on it… the one where I made the fenced-in rail line from our mountain to spawn? >.> @clickfire might remember, since I think he had to fix my not being able to get it far enough.

We tend to congregate at the Atlanta LANfest event, which tends to be twice per year. This next event’s details aren’t out, yet, but a little birdy told me it’ll be near Memorial Day.
Other than that, our monthly events are the Friday gamenight – first Friday, 9ish. We do other events on a more sporadic basis as things come up and/or people make plans.

Anyway, like I said, welcome, and we look forward to shooting you in some game or other at some point in the future. Since this has turned into the unofficial intro post, we’ve seen your rig, but you should give us some more of your personal stats. Age (ish), occupation or major, favorite game/type, that sort of thing…


age: 21
occupation: IT/security for DSI Engineering
Favorite Game: hmmm I like raceers smite MC shooters pretty much the lot
hobbies: racing cars irl lol, modifying cars, playing guitar, bass, piano, making music, building computers
any other questions feel free to ask I’m pretty much an open book :smile:


Welcome Welcome!

And the CSGO event you were seeing is the monthyl gaming night event. Since people tend to get busy, we try to pull everyone in at least once a month in a coordinated effort and screw around with some game or another.

If you are ever interested in a specific game being the center of game night attention, feel free to say so in this thread Monthly Game Night.

Welcome to our insanity!