Lan party this weekend?


are we doing a lan party this weekend?


No lans to speak of, but we are doing a CSGO event night on our csgo server this Friday.

More info here: Monthly Game Night


aww wants to show off new build maybe next month then


no asterisks?


Mind introducing yourself, cap?

Are you referring to the Atlanta LAN’s that we do two times a year?


Hi I’m Morgan and I’m an A…vid gamer lol. tricky invited me and yes the Atlanta one I was under the impression it was the first weekend of every month though my bad


Ah nice. Any friend of tricky is a friend of mine. Welcome to F7!

As for the Atlanta LAN, details will be released soon!


sweet thx BTW how do I become part of the actual f7 clan?


Get to know us, let us get to know you, hang out on the forums, and play with us.

This guide will give you a little overview of the process.


Thx I will wait untill I’ve gotten to know you all better before applying


Also looks like you would enjoy posting here:


OOOOOOHHH yes already posted once and replied twice this forum page will be my home lol


Welcome to our corner of the internet. As far as applying is concerned like Forkz said the best way to go down that path is to let people get to know you. You are already using one of the best methods which is the forums. Also make sure you hang out in our public mumble as well as try to attend any gaming events we do like the CSGO one this Friday. These will all be great ways to get to know everyone.


we have a mumble?


Welcome duder! Our mumble is:

Also you can see the rest of our servers here:




Hi @Ouch


Sweet, some new blood for the group! Welcome and bring in more friends please. Preferably non assholes!


haha ok will do I see you have a minecraft server I know some people that would love a simple vanilla server w/ no lag (I used to mod for OrdonMC so I know a bunch of hardcore MC players) I’ll give them a shout.


Ours is set up as a creative because we are lazy and don’t want to have to actually mine stuff. I need to get back on and continue my pile of shit I started.