Killing Floor 2 Game Night

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Welcome One, Welcome All!

We are once again hosting our monthly game night, and as the topic line suggests, the game of the month is Killing Floor 2!

It will be this Friday, May 1st at 9 pm est.

Some teams are already forming, to stake your claim on one, go to this thread and comment thusly.

Be sure to show up a tad early to try to group up with your team and get pumped.

You can join our mumble to conspire with your team mates, or just to chat with those playing

Mumble info:
Port: 64738


I will prepare my body.


I beat all the boys in kills last night (the first round as commando)- so yes must play

j/k had fun b/c team game. Everyone did good! and was fun.

such excite.

(nah, I did good! hahahahahaha! )


I’m glad you are a willing participant then, since @freeb1rd signed you both up already, lol


Is it friiiiiiiiiday yet?


Just come to our nightly Killing Floor 2 sessions. No need to wait for Friday.