Killing Floor 2 Free Weekend Celebration


We are excited to announce that F7Lans will be celebrating all things Killing Floor as Tripwire brings you a weekend of EPIC proportions! This weekend, Tripwire will be running a FREE WEEKEND for Killing Floor 2 on Steam to celebrate the release of their new “Incinerate n’ Detonate” free content pack. Spoilers, its AMAZING! Furthermore, they will be discounting their game by 33% during this event for those of you who have not picked it up yet.

It is no secret that we here at F7Lans have been addicted to Killing Floor 2. In anticipation of this event F7Lans has launched 58 additional servers to give you a place for all your Zed killing needs. Join us ALL WEEKEND LONG for amazing Killing Floor 2 action. Whether you are brand new to the game or a grizzled veteran who doesn’t blink twice when Hans spawns, we have something for you! Make sure you hang out in our public Mumble. Get to know the members of the F7 community and also find some fine folks to play with this weekend. Finally, our friends over at Tripwire have been AWESOME enough to donate TEN COPIES of Killing Floor 2 for us to give away this weekend.

So how do you get your grubby hands on a copy of Killing Floor 2? There will be two ways for you to win. Simply post below with your best caption of the attached image below. At the end of the contest the F7 Admins will picked one caption as the best and that individual will be given a copy of Killing Floor 2. We will then raffle off the other 9 copies at random. It is that easy! Just by entering you have a chance to win but take some time and come up with a truly fantastic caption in order to increase your odds of winning! Further, current F7 members will be given two raffle tickets for their participation doubling their chances at winning. Winners will be announced Monday after the event and we will release a list of the 10 winners alongside the latest episode of the F7Cast Podcast. That’s it! So, come enjoy a FREE WEEKEND of Killing Floor 2 with your friends at F7Lans! Make sure you pick up Killing Floor 2 while it is on sale if you have not already and make sure you enter into our raffle for your chance at one of TEN COPIES of Killing Floor 2.

Legal Nonsense: All entries to the Killing Floor 2 raffle must be submitted by 9:00PM Eastern on Sunday (9/6/2015). Limit, one entry per individual. Once the winners are announced, a representative of F7Lans will contact you via PM on our website to distribute keys. Please make sure you are checking your e-mail and our forums Monday to ensure you receive your activation key.

September Game Night



Which way did he go George… Which way did he go???


“Can someone explain to me why I have a chainsaw for a hand and no trees to cut down !?!”



What do you mean I have no game?


In the words of Ash Williams, “Groovy.”


That’s right… who’s laughing now… who’s laughing now?
mumbles something unintelligible


What’ve you done to my children?! You’ve murdered my children!


They can try to stop me… They can try!


“I was in the club last night. Had my chainsaw on the right, and a hand full of titties on the left.”


We’ve gotta take your bodies…
And cut them somewhere else!


How do I turn this on!?


“No, seriously! This big!”





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When maggots be fuckin’ yo skull you be like


“I found this chainsaw at an amazing prince today. It was a real Stihl. Talk about slashing prices.”


Dress up. It’s cold outside, baby.