Kicking off the New Year Game Night January 2nd 2015 @ 9:00 PM EST


We will be ringing in the new year by pooping on some airships F7 style with Guns of Icarus Online! Be sure to pick up your copy if you do not have it. It is currently only $3.74 on Steam!

The event will start Friday, January 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 PM EST.

Be sure to join up on mumble: port 64738

Be there, or be squared


Also, please post here for roll calls! We can organize crews.

The Harvey Dangerfield
f0rkz: Pilot
@freeb1rd: Engineer
Tricky: Engineer
@Zadasolar - Engineer

USS We Don’t Know What We Are Doing
@SOCRATEZ - Pilot/Any if Better Pilot
@Voldenae - Any

Need 3 crew members!!!


Pretty sure @Zadasolar will be the fourth on our ship @f0rkz .


Sounds good.


I’ll try to be there. I’ll fill any roll needed.


Got you added. Are you planning on piloting?


I too will attempt to join, provided we’re done with dinner around then. =D Probably don’t want me to fly the thing, but I can swing a wrench.


Want to be on @SOCRATEZ crew?


Sure! =D

Or, err, Yarr!


Need two more for @SOCRATEZ crew!


ok, add me to @SOCRATEZ crew. We should be able to get some good coordination with 2 f7 boats.


Sounds good. Looking for one more to crew @SOCRATEZ crew. @angrysquare?


@Voldenae will be on my crew if we manage to be free by then. The newbie boat shall be a weapon of destruction ready to smite the enemies of F7. USS We Don’t Know What We Are Doing is ready to fly.


I will try to get some time in to level up and get a rig similar to @f0rkz’s by then. We were unable to use it because we didn’t have any level 8 people last week.


If you guys are in a crew erhm team that I create, you will get the ships unlocked.


If Soc is in charge, we could be the No Harm, No Clue.


I’m not sure when this appeared in my steam library but I propose to partake in a third ship.

Ship name shall be decided at last minute.


Not sure if I can make the event it might be a much needed date night with my wife

I do have 1 more copy of guns to give out, ouch received my other. Not sure if you want to have a raffle for it or a giveaway for donations posted but I would rather give it to an f7 member if possible,


I wish I could play that night, but the wife an I our celebrating 22 years of marriage. :heart_eyes:

I would have been perfect for the USS We Don’t Know What We Are Doing.


Hang on to it for now. I’m sure at one point we will find an F7 member who didn’t purchase the game while on sale to give it to.