June Game Night

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In case it was a surprise to anyone, Game Night is coming up again June 5th at 9pm (est)

In case it was an even bigger surprise, the game of choice will be Killing Floor 2. The new map (Manor, featured in this month’s event photo) has been released and we have collectible dosh to find!!!

We will meet in mumble prior, and organize which servers to head to accordingly. If you are new and wish to join in, please meet us in mumble before 9 to get acquainted with everyone and find a group.

We are running multiple servers, so there is enough space for everyone who wishes to take part.

My Current Dilemma With Gaming
Official Killing Floor 2 Thread

Thanks Soc & Vold for your ever-appreciated organizational efforts. <3


If some people are interested in game night, yet don’t have Killing Floor 2 (FOR SHAME) or are burned out, we can organize an alternative meet up in another game as well.

If several people are interested in something like CS:GO, we can all meet up in mumble, chat, and then go about out various groups.

While KF2 is the featured game, it is by no means the exclusive one.


She doesn’t speak for all of us. Non Killing Floor 2 heretics shall be rounded up and burnt at the stake.



I’ll be there!



I bought KF2 instead of Evolve, sorry f0rkz. I’ll be there.


Bump, don’t forget that this event is happening THIS FRIDAY! Hope to see you all there.


If anyone wants to play tonight or Thursday, I’m in. I want to try and gain a few levels before Friday.



Prepare yourselves thusly!


we need moar Nicholas Cage





All shall worship him


Behold, the epic, smothering fence-in of snowy retribution.