July Game Night


July is rapidly approaching and we have some news about our upcoming game night. As you know, this event is typically held on the first Friday of every month. However, given that this conflict with the Fourth of July holiday weekend we have decided to push back the event night to the following Friday, July 10th. Please mark your callenders and make an effort to attend if possible. It is always a blast and we would love to see you there.

This month we will once again be returning to the community favorite, Killing Floor 2! Last month this was a blast as we invaded a Large Server that allowed all of us to play at once against unthinkable numbers of Zeds. Not only did we have classic Killing Floor fun but we were also able to found our own religious cult and troll some unsuspecting heathens.

We hope to see you again Friday, July 10th as we yet again invade a Large Server. This will allow us all to play at once without having to split off into numerous small groups. Please RSVP below if you will be attending so we have a headcount ahead of time and can do some research into a server to allow us to expedite the process on the event night.


  2. Voldenae
  3. F0rkz
  4. Carl Brutananadilewski
  5. Freeb1rd
  6. Zadasolar
  7. ph34rbot
  8. rew1red


Perhaps the new content that was announced will be released in time for our event night.


I’ll bite.


Sweet, I didn’t think I was going to make the July one if it was on the 3rd but I like the change. I plan to be there.


Myself and @Zadasolar are in.


You know I’m in.


I don’t know… KF2 three times in a row… I can’t tell if I’m still…



I’ll still be in class, then, so I’ll probably be chained to a textbook, but I’ll hop in mumble to lol with (at?) everyone and observe from @Super_Cereal 's screen. <3

/snowy retribution in 100*+ weather.



Friday can’t come soon enough! I can’t wait to … mumble at you people while I do homework… sigh…


Super excited to have you there. Trust me, if anyone understands how schoolwork ruins everything it’s this guy.