IT HAS BEGUN (fallout)


Some info on changes to the perk system have been released.


Since we all love Fallout so much… What’s everyone’s favorite skill?

Science. For some reason, great satisfaction in trolling robots by speaking codes to them. Also doing other sciencey stuff.

And yes. Supersadness for no pipboy edition


Sneak ftw.


I personally always had a great love for the fallout series in that, while the game may have been super gun centric, it never punished you for playing a melee or unarmed setup. I played through all of 3 with unarmed and all of new vegas with melee weapons and I had a blast.

As for a favorite skill? I would have to say unarmed (plus all the associated perks that made it truly viable) was my favorite.


I think sneak was definitely the best because of sneak attack criticals. Melee was good but not against groups of tougher enemies like super mutants. As for unarmed, I hated it but it had the best perk with paralyzing palm. Being able to sneak up on a super mutant behemoth and paralyzing it was super OP.

I’m not sure how I feel about the removal of skills. I liked the extra strategy but I always felt SPECIAL stats were weak. It was always better to take low Charisma and Perception because they’re bonuses were minimal and the speech skill was better. At least now, I’m won’t be maxing Int at level 3 to get level 100 skills.


FYi, the lootcrate I posted earlier has more available for purchase…however, the only sweatshirt sizes left are S and M. They will not ship out until after december.


10d later… all sold out… this is why I can’t have nice things. Too much work, not enough f7


Good luck buying anything Fallout 4 right now other than the game itself, it sells out in minutes.


Hooray for game breaking bugs. If you can’t move after using a terminal, try this. Turning on adaptive sync worked for me. I’ve also found another minor bug where my hands don’t appear in first person view. Switching between third person and back fixed it.


So I just got my game in the mail and thought I would share the unboxing I did :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate you this much. <----------------------------------------->


Is the pip boy as annoying to wear as I’ve heard from other sources?


It actually fits very well thanks to a velco strap inside.
I haven’t worn it yet for any extended period of time thanks to my new phone I just got not fitting into it. Damn thing is too big.
I’m gonna dig up one of my old phones and get it in there.


Wearing a giant hunk of plastic on your wrist with a flimsy strap holding it on while playing video games for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable?!?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!


^ this is my other source.




You could just be playing Fallout instead.


I love this game. I miss you guys, but fallout. Mine and @freeb1rd have our computers next to each other so I see him occasionally.


This is how we live as well. Pretty sure that’s how its supposed to happen, right?


Shen’s computer is behind mine.

This will not happen when we get a house.

It’s nano, and I’m amazed I haven’t murdered him yet. I can’t write at all when I’m hearing

Speaking of pipboys, we spent at least 2 days dealing with stupid shit because Best Buy shipped Shen a PS4 edition instead of a PC edition, which is clearly stated on the ticket. After several hours that day, we got everything straightened out with the local store, steam and got the game swapped out.