IT HAS BEGUN (fallout)


Hell, I watched the footage long enough to see that the collector’s had been posted in the video, and then went to amazon and clicked the “sign up when this is available”.

I"m not even 100% for sure they’re available for sale yet.

The pipboy collector’s edition on the official Bethesda store says “coming soon”.

EDIT: reread that and saw that you posted “pre-order”. It’s been a long day.

We’ll see if they post any more or what.


They are available for pre-order over at Bestbuy. Not listed on Gamestop’s website, but you can probaby stop in the store or call them and ask.


is anyone getting the pip-boy edition? omgomgomgomgomgomgogmgomso excite


It’s sold out everywhere. Don’t worry we will print some.


I’m signed up on Amazon to get an email as soon as they are in stock. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. Jumped on that super quick. Like, paused giving a tour at work to find a computer to place order. Told them it was an emergency. ;;>.>


Yeah, I bugged Shen about it, and told him that we needed to get them right away if we wanted them. So we’re getting ours through best buy.

Amazon is supposed to email me when they’re “in stock”…that was 5 days ago. The article I read yesterday or this morning mentioned Bethseda is aware of the problem and is going to check addresses, since multitudes of people out there bought extra copies just to sell on ebay.


One of my roommates yelled at me that he was ordering one on amazon and in the time span it took me to pull it up it said it was sold out again. Supposedly his order went through though so at least I’ll get to see/use one for a bit. I’m fine with that.


Collector’s edition is back in stock at gamestop for all platforms.

EDIT: Nevermind. It was.



I just did the thing. I get a Pip-Boy in 5 months!



thinking of soc when i found this.


Its so appropriate except for one minor detail. @Voldenae probably would be geeking out as well.


Except I’ve never beaten (or even gotten close to beating) a single Fallout game and my hype for Fallout 4 is about a -30. Sorry, I’m a bad man.

However, I fixed the comic to make it accurate of my current situation. Ask Voldenae, she can confirm.


Can confirm. @SOCRATEZ threatened to not show up at the wedding so he could watch the final.

Last night I feel asleep to the “comforting” sounds of Dota 2 commentary once he came to bed.

Dota 2 addiction. It’s a thing.

Also @f0rkz is correct that I, too, tend to geek. Generally more in fact.


Can you really “beat” a fallout game, though?


Fortunately as far as sprawling rpgs go, the fallout series isn’t quite as bad as many games on the market. I managed to finish all the side quests and all that garbage in just under 85 hours for fallout:NV. Compared to some games I’ve played that is actually quite reasonable.

Could you play the game again with a different build and all that? Sure you could, but I wouldn’t see myself going as obsessive completing everything a second time around and I could easily see follow up playthroughs clocking in at 10 hours or less.


Somebody Acutally played Through all of Fallout 3 As A Baby And this is why I love mods…


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