IT HAS BEGUN (fallout)




Looks good. If you were planning on buying it anyway, GMG is offering a $14 discount for preorders, for 48 hours only. Normally I advise against preorders, especially so early, but do we really think this is going to be bad.


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Here’s hoping they move away from the bland green-hued textures of Fallout 3 and make things a little more vibrant, like in NV.


The trailer shows colorful scenes. I didn’t actually mind the graphics in Fallout 3. I think it gave it a very bleak atmosphere. I’m sure Cereal hated it though.


I"m waiting for a collector’s edition myself. I’m saddened that my lunchbox and platinum chip (along with my massive strat guides) are gone.

Even if I didn’t use the strat guides in full, it was nice to have them when I was trying to wander around and find some bobblehead or was curious about how a conversation would go if I picked X then Y without saving and reloading a ton.


I have just refreshed my steam and it’s telling me all fallout titles are on sale this weekend. So if there’s a dlc you never picked up, or want to go back and play the classics…now’s a great time.


Only 50% off and the Steam Summer sale is likely right around the corner. Fallout goes on sale more often than week old bread. Unless you want something right this second I would hold off for it to likely go 75% off come Summer Sale.


Oh hey, it’s the Sam Adams song :stuck_out_tongue:


The fuck it is. Everyone knows it is the “The Departed” song.


For anyone who missed it, Bethesda released more information about Fallout 4 and their other titles earlier today. This article, about a new crafting system, seems particularly excellent.


Holy shit a real pip-boy that syncs with the game. Holy shit.


The entire bethseda E3 showcase is up at, if you missed the twitch livestream

Fallout starts at 1:04:30 ish

And when they just showed the artwork for the game, I wanted to throw money at the screen.


Amazon had the Pipboy Edition (Collector’s Ed. – $120) on preorder today for a split second before it sold out. If you’re not one of the lucky few, keep an eye out for other retailers’ preorder opportunities.

/split second


I personally plan on printing my own scaled for a GS5 or something that isn’t an iPhone 6 since I do not and never plan on owning one.


supposedly going to be a broad selection of phones it’ll fit — foam padding to cover.