I miss you scrublords


So I finally caved and bought Elite.

Hopefully you nerds can show me the space-ropes tomorrow.


We will show you how to be drunken space pirate lord. It’ll be cool.


We’ll be on tonight at 9:00 for ultimate F7 scrubbing.


Did someone say Space Pirate?


Sounds good, I’ll be there.


Good time flying with you and saving you from a very aggressive NPC pirate interdiction. Aw yea 10,000 credit bounties.


Grabbed like 400k in bounties yesterday. Alright, this game is awesome.


Wowzers. Same system we were in?


Nah, I was jumping around a fair bit. Managed to purchase and kit out an Eagle pretty well.


Great news and glad you are branching out! There are some really good bounties to be had out in the deep reaches of space.


Space Ninjas are way better than space pirates


Irrelevant of Ninjas or Pirates…In space, no one can hear you scream


I also thoroughly enjoy space ninjas, but the when the summer sale was approaching, I put my spacepuppy in stasis. I figured I might not be seeing him for a while.


I forgot to put my first spacedog in stasis. He died while I was gone :frowning: