Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta


Hey everyone. It looks like I was given a couple of closed beta keys for Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard. I was wondering if anyone was interested in them?

Heroes of the Storm

Got into the beta or alpha or whatever a while back and played it for a bit. Found it too simplistic and the fights too slow and went back to Dota. I guess I could give it another try with some F7ites but it feels too simple and lacking mechanics I enjoy.


It might be good to get @Super_Cereal into MOBA’s.


I wouldn’t recommend it. I actually think it would hinder learning Dota 2 as it would cause you to become too dependent on a system that lacks many of the fundamentals required in Dota. Hell, even Blizzard refused to call it a MOBA calling it a “Hero Brawler” instead.


It’s better than nothing.


I’ve also got closed beta keys if anybody wants to go and try it out.