Helpful Hint for Lazy People


I know everyone here is smart and probably knows this already. I don’t get much time on my actual desktop computer which is why the Civ games have been great. I can stream from my desktop to my laptop while still enjoying family time. I remote from my laptop to my desktop quite often and am often annoyed by the fact that my screen is locked on the remote computer and can’t stream without going and unlocking the computer (which is upstairs).

Well I finally got bored enough at work to research a solution and found this.

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "$sessionid=((quser $env:USERNAME | select -Skip 1) -split '\s+')[2]; tscon $sessionid /dest:console" 2> UnlockErrors.log

Run this is the command prompt and your session terminates and the screen is left unlocked. The forum I found it on said this worked in windows 7 and 8. I tried it on 10 and it works there too.

Like I said, most people here have way more computer knowledge than me but I thought I would share just in case someone didn’t know.

Hope this makes help make someone just a little bit lazier!


I just picture Carl there in “family time” watching an Ice Age movie with the wife and kids and suddenly bursting out with a god dammit! when his city gets invaded. :grinning:


This may have happened once or twice.