Hello from long ago


Hey, guys. Not sure if anybody here remembers me; I used to play on the 24/7 2fort server quite a bit back in college (~2008). Several moves, job changes, and life changes later, I’m finally getting sucked back into team-based multiplayer in Overwatch.

I don’t have many friends who have the time, or the same work schedules, to group with anymore so I sought out this old community. I’ll be hopping onto the discord server when I can but if anybody wants to add me on Battle.net in the meantime I’m efity#1437.

Hope to see some of you guys online again soon


Welcome back. This was about the time I was getting into f7 but I didn’t play 2fort too much so I don’t remember you plus i’m one of the elder statesmen around here so my memory doesn’t always work so well.

I need to look into this overwatch game people seem to be talking about. I just recently found out about Civ 5 (just in time for 6) which has been sucking a lot of my time.


Pepperidge farm remembers.


Welcome back! If you haven’t already, join our discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/0eHeyjiKhFnoP5zg and get in on some Overwatch games :smiley:


Welcome back, and feel free to jump online with us any time!!