I had one of the earlier Razer Carcharias series headsets without the USB adapters or volume boosting. @freeb1rd knows of some good razer products. Maybe he has a newer model in mind.


About the only Razer headsets I have experience with is the Megalodon and the Kraken. I’m not sure if the Megolodon is even being produced anymore but they are pretty awesome. The Kraken models I’ve used are analog, but the design was pretty nice and seemed to be of decent construction. If you can find a USB version that would probably be a decent option. However, the G930 (which I currently use) is awesome, and your cheapest and probably best option would be to replace the dongle:


I had no idea that was even an option. I figured the receiver and the headset were uniquely linked at the factory or something…

We need our old hi five emote back…

Makes me wonder if I could have replaced the receiver for my old Logitech MX mouse. Considering they pulled off of my desk after the fire though, probably better off I threw that out anyway. That mouse held up for years though…and it was one of the first ones they put out.



I proudly use my factory hp mouse. And my bamf corsair headset which often has one ear on my head instead of over my ear, so I can hear @SOCRATEZ yell at me in person.


This is very important LAN etiquette.


Just ordered the Razer Chroma. Of course since ordering it my Deathadder has not had any issues and is working in tip top shape.


I have inherited the Death Adder. It likes me better.