Happy holidays


Happy holidays, >family>. I know things have been a bit quiet lately, and 2016 was a bit of a shitshow for many people, but here’s to being with the people we love (or at least tolerate annually) and playing new gaems. Hope you all are having a nice break and getting to start the new year with some new hotness.


This was actually really nice,.2016 was quite a shit show for me. My mother passed last year today! My father-in-law passed last July. My brother had a break and was committed for almost 2 weeks. He’s doing better now, but requires a lot of assistance. As you can imagine, this holiday has been mostly on auto-pilot. It has made me realize all the more clearly that Christmas is not always the Hallmark picture of happiness and joy for everyone. If you have some pain you are dealing with this season, know that it will get better with time and you are not alone. Here’s wishing everyone a better year next year!


2016 has certainly been an interesting year by all accounts, I hope every one is at least getting to relax during part of their break even if things are hectic or shitty. Take a minute, breathe, relax.

I hope the new year brings amazing things for everyone, love you all