Guns of Icarus


You will most likely either get only a year out of it, or it will run forever. Offbrand PSU’s are like that.


Pretty much all PSUs are like that. It has more to do with the load it takes overtime and how it handles capacitor aging than anything else.


Back on topic, how about some GoI this Friday or Saturday evening? Who’s in?


I know we were planning on playing tomorrow night around 9, could be down for Friday or Saturday as well.


You have my axe!

But seriously, space can get lonely. I am up for gunships any time.


I’ll be around tomorrow night at 9 if you need another hand.


Since I am back up and running (with zero help from myself as I am the destroyer of computers), I am definitely down for some shoot-y boats.


Solo queued tonight and went 4-0 in my matches including one vs a 8 man clan group. And I was only told I was a horrible pilot who should hang himself once. Win!


GG! You are a braver man than I, solo pilot excursions


It was actually a ton of fun. About to queue up again. Lets see if the team of people working together and having fun was a fluke. I know where my money is.


I have use of my computer again and now I need to get back into some airships. Anyone up for next saturday? I would do Friday but the wife and I signed the kid up for a parent’s night out thing and are going to have 4 whole hours away from her.


Voldenae and I would be in. We should be around next Saturday evening.


I’ve been cleared by the wife to play airships on Saturday. I will be on around 8:00 real time (that is 9:00 for you weirdos living in the eastern time zone). It would be nice if we could fill a second ship.


“Real” time? Clearly the real time is the Eastern Time Zone. lol


We can make sure to send out a steam blast to get folks notified. I’ve got no idea what I’m doing Saturday at this point…


This event is now live. Get in mumble to join in on the airship fun.


So, I’ve been getting back into this game when not playing Evolve and was wondering if anyone else would be up for some sky-pirating when I am not busy hunting monsters with @F0rkz, @Zadasolar, @freeb1rd and the rest of our monster-hunting crew.


I’ve actually been itching to play this again. But new hunters next week tho


I would like to play more but right now I am on this CS:GO kick. I am determined to become “not so shitty” at the game so I don’t get my ass handed to me during the next game night.


I’m down to play some battle blimps between rounds of Evolve.