Guns of Icarus


So I have been playing a bit of this now. I have about 7 or 8 matches under my belt now. I have noticed there are other people out there who have clans started already and I was wondering if anyone had set up an f7 clan in game so we can more easily identify each other for our in game friends list since it doesn’t work quite the same way as tf2 friends. I was going to do it but wanted to check here first to see if anyone else has set one up so I didn’t duplicate any efforts. So has anyone set one up yet or should I do it?

Also, my in game name is Carl Bananas (since Brutananadilewski is too long) so you can add me to your friends list.


We did create a clan! I’ll add you!


Also, if you haven’t watched this, you should!


I have played a few matches recently as engineer, do you all enjoy the other classes more? I would be up for playing, I will add you @Carl_Bananas.


After playing last night with @f0rkz, @freeb1rd and tricky I learned that engineer is way better than gunner when you play with a good crew. We were kicking some serious ass using 3 engies and a captain. It allows for faster repair and you can each augment the other’s abilities by having different tools in the loadout. I haven’t captained yet so I can’t speak to that.


Here’s the stream from last night. One loss and a lot of win.


Username is SOCRATEZ. Feel free to add me and clan me.


I’ve had a few games under my belt now and really like the engineer class. Posted on the clan site ready to rumble


After crewing for @f0rkz learned 3 engineers is the way to go. Can’t wait to get home to my to play more.


Boards are Monday. After paying $1,800 to take a 9 hour long test I demand relaxation via Steam Punk Airship Destruction.


We will be playing tonight!


I will try to log in tonight have to deal with three girls who want to stay up late for some odd reason


The last crew I was on was 4 engineers our pilot bailed on us at the last moment. We were hard to take down


I had a surprising amount of fun playing this game. I think this would be a great Game Night game – easy to learn, great for teams / communication. Plenty of clock time for various chatting.


My reaction after my 8th hour of testing then realizing I have another hour left.

Officially free for a little bit. Hit me up on Steam and lets get this salty dog his sea/sky legs.


Well, played 3 matches and I’m not impressed.

Game 1: Pilot used the afterburners or what ever non-stop so our ship was constantly taking damage.
Game 2: Pilot flew us into sandstorms then smashed into the terrain and refused to move.
Game 3: Pilot didn’t understand that making the ship aim at the enemies so guns can shoot was a good idea.

God help me this is painful. Looking forward to playing with some people who understand complex orders like “Left” and “Up”.


Yea playing with randoms is so incredibly bad 99% of the time. I was unable to play last night and I believe @f0rkz was too. Soon though.


I hope to have my computer back tonight but no promises… We have inlaws in town using my office for their bedroom.


This is the exact problem I will have beginning next week. My mom will be in town so I lose my computer for a month.


Free daycare tho