Gta v hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype


Ahem. If you guys picked it up for PC, you should give me your social club whatever bullshit.


Can I use my SSN instead?


SSN or credit card number, either work fine, really.





sent you a request. Probably should’ve mentioned so people could just find me, my socialthing is rawjaw



and Shenanoska

(I should get him to acutally make an account and post on the forums).


Got the game. Going to post my thing when I get it downloaded (62 gigs wtf?)


Has this game changed that much since GTA 3? I stopped with vice city and got tired of the game because I felt like it was the same thing over and over.


It was my favorite GTA and the only one I finished without getting bored and resulting to running around mindlessly killing hookers.


My friend thing is: f7f0rkz


Is there an F7 Crew yet?


I am going to play sometime tonight (after evolve). Got to create my character and all that jazz


So I’ve been tooling around with Shen more in the last few weeks since online has changed a lot since it first dropped for pc.

Somehow I managed this today…I am slowly getting better at flying planes. Really.


lulz I am just grinding my way through single player. I’ll beat it one of these days. Had to restart 4 times so far due to formatting and not backing up my save game. Finally passed where I was in the previous save games.