Garry's Mod!


So Garry’s mod has come a long way since its original release a long while ago. How many of you have it and how many of you would be interested in F7 movie night (with the cinema mod) or perhaps some prop hunt (and other endless amounts of addons available)?


I think Cinema Mod would be fun however I would worry about getting bored sitting in a fake movie theater pretty fast. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Prophunt is always fun.




We have a server for prophunt, just need to get people in to test it.


We probably burned a good hour or two in garry’s mod last time extralife rolled around. . . which I may have missed this year…


Always down for some good ol’ fashioned prop hunt


I have it, although I’ve never done anything with it. Shen uses it from time to and plays on a starship troopers server.


I haven’t done prophunt with gary’s mod, but I assume its like prophunt for TF2 :stuck_out_tongue:


To be more specific, its what prop hunt for TF2 was aspiring to be. TF2 struggled to implement proper control and proper punishment for failed guesses. As a pyro you could lightly puff your flame to check things, and if you were careful you were able to ‘guess’ a solid 100+ times before you would die of it. Gary’s mod, by comparison, kills you QUICK if you guess wrong a lot.


What does the game do? Going to test it tonight to see what’s what.

Edit: Never mind, found out last night. I agree with this practice. Keeps the games from going on a 4 minute stalemate.


A quick summary in case anyone else had forkz question. Prophunt works on the principle that every shot the seekers make harms them. The only way to not lose health (or gain health) is to successfully hit a hiding player or kill them. In TF2 the game damaged you at a rate of about 3 hp for a full 2 seconds of flame as pyro. This leeway allowed really bad hunters to nearly burn the entire map before they died. In Gary’s Mod prophunt, you could be dead before you finish checking a room if you don’t check your shots. The primary weapon available is the HL2 SMG, which in a full clip of ammo (about 5 seconds of fully automatic) will take about 75% of your health.