Freeb1rd's Questionnaire


I saw @freeb1rd’s questionnaire for new members and seeing as I never answered it I figured I’d give it a go

Question 1: How accurate do you feel the Drake Equation is in relation to the Fermi Paradox?
well personally I think it would be selfish to think that out of the quintillions of planets in just the known universe that we as humans would be the only intelligent life form now that being said I don’t necessarily believe in alien life I just thing the probability of us being the only planet with intelligent life is higher than the lack of evidence of this life’s proof. think about gravity while we don’t understand it it is widely accepted as a fact of life and the easiest way of facing this fact is through an empirical way of proof in that we cannot prove gravity’s existence we can only disprove it in the same way that as of now we can not prove their is intelligent life but until such time as we disprove it without a doubt it would be foolish to completely solidify ones belief based on the lack of evidence for it instead of also taking into fact the lack of evidence against it

Question 2: What’s your feeling on Gary Busy or Nicholas Cage?
this should answer that: click here

Question 3: Nutella? all of it… in my mouth… all over my body O.o

Question 4: Are you from Earth?
as fire as I know but I don’t remember my infancy so I can’t be 100% sure on this

Question 5: What are your feelings on cats?
I love cats they don’t require constant attention their schizophrenia is very entertaining and they are really easy to take care of

Question 6: Do you like random questions?
depends on the question

Question 7: What is the average airspeed of an unladen African Swallow?
To begin with, I needed basic kinematic data on African and European swallow species.

Although 47 of the 74 worldwide swallow species are found in Africa,1 only two species are named after the continent: the West African Swallow (Hirundo domicella) and the South African Swallow (Hirundo spilodera), also known as the South African Cave Swallow.

Since the range of the South African Swallow extends only as far north as Zaire, I felt fairly confident that this was the non-migratory African species referred to in previous discussions of the comparative and cooperative weight-bearing capabilities of African and European swallows.

By comparing the European Swallow with bird species of similar body mass, we can estimate that the swallow beats its wings 18 times a second with an amplitude of 18 cm thus we can estimate that an average European Swallow flies at cruising speed with a frequency of roughly 15 beats per second, and an amplitude of roughly 22 cm as such We can estimate the airspeed of the European Swallow to be roughly 11 meters per second (15 beats per second * 0.73 meters per beat).

Question 8: Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous?
neiter: No Man’s Sky