Find Member Accounts Here!


Per a suggestion from @Zadasolar I’ve decided to create this topic which will allow us to quickly and easily share all the accounts we may have across the various gaming platforms. Not only will this allow you to easily connect to others who may have accounts you don’t know about but will also allow those who are new to the community to have a quick reference to all our details. Please respond below with any and all account information across any gaming platforms you are involved in. Please utilize links where applicable to make it easy for others to add you.

!S just found F7 Quick Hello and info about me

Steam: >f7> SOCRATEZ
Origin: f7_SOCRATEZ
Battlenet: SOCRATEZ (#1398)
PS3: Voldenae (joint account)


Steam: >f7> Cheez0id

:D. I think that’s all I have at the moment, also typing on my phone sucks. Also, we will be back from vacation next week, so if I don’t respond right away that’s Whyyyyyy wooooooo!



Steam: f0rkz
Elite: CMDR f0rkz (very original, I know)
Battlenet: f0rkz #1708

I’ll update my things when I find out what they are.


Steam: >f7> Voldenae
Origin: Voldenae
PS3: Voldenae
PS4: Voldenae

I’m an incredibly creative person…


Steam: >f7> rew1red
Elite Dangerous: CMDR rew1red
Eve Online: rew1red Athonille / Pilot Phish
X-Bone: Nope
PS-Whatever: Nope


Steam: Click Fire


Steam: >f7> Esca
Elite:Dangerous: CMDR Esca Inian (or something close to that…can’t remember spaces/underscores/etc)

I have accounts on Battlenet (WOW/SC2) and Origin (SW:ToR), but I don’t really play those games much anymore.
No consoles for me, though.


Steam: bl3nd0r
Origin: bl3nd0r
Battlenet: bl3nd #1518
PS4: bl3nd0r
XBox Live: bl3nd0r
Kali: bl3nd0r (Serial 298179)
AIM: bl3nd0r
ICQ: 38241038

Last three are for shits and giggles. Not really but maybe. I’ve been the same person on the internet for a while. I may have a secret identity but that’s a secret.


steam: >F7? Capnmorgan
origin: capnm0rg4n … I think
battlenet: thecapn#1513
uplay: capnm0rgan
PSN: A_Flok_of_Kock


Steam: >f7> freeb1rd
Origin: mitch_freeb1rd


Shit. Let me install Solder of Fortune real quick…


Steam: >f7>Ouch


Steam: Ninjannuity[悪魔]
PSN: ninjannuity
BattleNet: Ninjannuity#1103


Steam: >f7> Schlinky
Origin: Schlyne
Battlenet: Schlyne #1173

Oops, I thought I added stuff in here a while ago.

FYI, please send me a message if you are going to add me. I still get weird random level 0, profile is private people trying to add me on steam, which I ignore. If i don’t recognize you at all, you won’t get added.

I stopped talking to random people on steam years ago, since it was all

“I want your unusual hat”.
“But, i’ll give you like X, X, and X.”
It’s a really good deal. You sure?”