Finally getting a PC port


Many of the Final Fantasy games have had pc ports, and given that I no longer own things like an original PlayStation, that makes life convenient.

FF IX for the longest time held out in notoriety as there was “no expected port” to be made, but thankfully that source was full of shit.

This article suggests that this doesn’t mean that the port will necessarily be available to western players, but I’ve been lied to before.

Looks like I need to finish FFVIII now (again).


I was a huge fan of FFIX. Really enjoyed the art style. This is great news!


Aside from the online ones, this is the only one I haven’t played since 8.

I’m pretty excited.


I’ve been playing a super important hard as hell turn-based RPG, too…


I love me some final fantasy. I still have my FF7 and FF8 computer versions. I wonder if they would even load on my computer now.


Ohh god legend of the seven stars. I went and pulled out that stupid game nearly 15 years later to see if that game was just a case of “I sucked at games at 11 years old” and no, that game is just an authentic nightmare.

Edit: until you get the sleepy shell, then its easy mode all day.