It is February! I miss your eFaces. <3 Won’t be around 'til lateish tonight, but maybe we can shoot at each other soon.

…if I can tear myself away from FO4 during those times I’m actually at the computer, that is… ;;>.>


Also, are we still using Discord? Does it have a web portal that doesn’t require downloads of things?


Same here!

We use discord, there are a group of us who are on it all day (for text) and at night for voice.

It has 1) a desktop app, 2) a web app, and 3) a mobile app. SOOOOO no excuses :smiley:


That link sends me to a page to download stuff. =( I can’t install software at work, hence the inquiry for whether they have a web portal where I can access via webpage without installed applications? I may just be missing it…


OR-- I’m wrong and it totally isn’t linked on that page.


I was using it entirely via webpage the other night when I was on my old laptop (as it will not download discord).

All I had to do was go to their page and log in to my account.