F7Lans Minecraft Server


minecraft updated a bit recently and for one reason or another I am unable to connect to the f7 server now. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


Thanks for letting me know. Looks like craftbukkit isn’t caught up with minecraft development so plugins are disabled for now. Server is back up and running!


Looks like craftbukkit is officially dead due to some fucked up DMCA request. Minecraft server is back to vanilla, updated, and the world file has been reset!

Boy is there a lot of drama behind minecraft…


How many people are still playing minecraft on our server?


Its been out of date since September, so zero!


It had basically been just me and one other. We both got a little behind on work though and didn’t have the time for proper minecrafting.


I stopped playing once there were monsters on the server. I didn’t care to deal with that. I enjoyed the first go around when it was just mining and building stuff.


If we had a “creative” server, would you play on it?


I personally didn’t mind the monsters but thats probably because I had extensive experience handling them that disabling spawns was kind of second nature to me (I like a ton of light anyways). That said, I have zero issues with a creative server.


I think i would come back in creative mode. That way i can have it open on my laptop and don’t have to worry about stepping away and coming back dead. You know, the things you have to worry about with a tiny human around.


I second a creative mode server!


If it gets people playing I’m all for it.


Over the past year a friend of mine ran a minecraft server with close to 140 mods on it. Most of them were complete garbage but a very select few were genuinely interesting and added to the game. I’m currently talking with him about making a list of the mods so I can weed through the garbage and find the gems, if we were to use a VERY select list of mods (that I have personally tested) would anyone be interested in potentially having some on the server? I’ll get a more specific list made some time Sunday along with some preview links so you guys can consider them and think about it. I only plan to suggest quality mods which I think add to the game, not things that give you unlimited diamonds or anything silly.


Modding support is frelled right now. Look up bukkit and check out the DMCA.


I am aware, we specifically didn’t use bukkit for this but I’ll check to see if what we used got murdered by it as well.


Yeah, lemme know :slight_smile:


Creative server is up!

Lan party this weekend?

This is probably why support is a little flagging at the moment… lulz


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