F7Lans 2015: Django (unchained)


Just give it some time. I see you online as ‘sooze’ must be your home computer. We can talk about it later tonight.


Oh right. So the 404 error must be related to steam being down. Try again when its back up!


And steam is back up! Go ahead and try to link again.




It worked!


Another feature released! F7Lans.com and forums.f7lans.com is now protected by an SSL certificate!

Edit: once the main site is SSL enabled, the forum header will come back.


I just realized I could’ve taken this chance to rename myself Last Dinosaur. f0rkz pls, use your internet magic.


Username shouldn’t be an issue. You should be able to change it in the forum profile admin for yourself (it also has to be one word). The actual user you use to login to the site can be changed if you want, but it needs to be one word.


RIP Looongcat


I have been assimilated.


You will loose your membership status. Also, we unleash the F7 Feral Ferrets :tm:


What happened to the cookies?


:laughing: I didn’t know people were still hooked on cookies. I’ll see what I can do to bring it back…


Forum header is back and main site supports SSL!

Welcome to the secured communication channel, ladies and gents.


(Roster page fixed)


You don’t need to worry about it. I exported my save and took it back to the original site.


So, I registered again, but when I try to log in with my Steam account I get a server error 500 message back.


Yeah, duffers had that problem too. Wonder whats up…


Prepare yourself. The F7 Feral Ferrets :tm: have been released.


It turns out the Ferrets were chewing on things. What a strange irony. @cha0s5150-- steam profile linking should be good to go again.