F7Lans 2015: Django (unchained)


Happy Launch Day!

Ok, so we aren’t that unchained, but we are now running F7Lans on the Django (pronounced ‘jango’) web framework. Long gone are the days of complex database schemas and hand written queries through god awful php. With the new website change (not too much has changed visually) we have a slew of new doors opening up for us development wise. We release the bonds of old code that we have been operating under for over a decade and make way for awesome new features.

Among these features coming soon is the donation engine. You can now tithe to the F7 Gods and the F7 Gods will give back in the form of giveaways, tshirts, mugs, huge charity fundraisers, the sky is the limit. More about the intentions of the future will be posted as development is underway.

F7Lans Members, This is Important:

What we need for you to do now is register for an account here. More importantly, you will need to link your steam account in your user profile settings after you create an account. Make sure you use the same email address you use for the forums. We will be eventually moving the forums authentication over to the new site and it is important the email addresses match.

Once you sign up for an account and link your steam profile, we can add you to the new roster page.

Read again: This is important to do, so please do not lapse in doing it. I’ll be nagging people after a week to do so.

Huge Tanks

Oh wait, that says thanks. Not tanks. ahem moving on…

Huge thanks to our new member @rew1red who put in the hard work, hours, and listening to me ramble about what the site needs. Coding up F7Lans now has a team instead of just me racking my brain around various issues. Its great to have another in the nitty gritty breaking things one thing at a time.

More Good things to Come

Lastly I want to spread my word of thanks to all of the dedicated members of F7Lans. Still kicking and alive in 2015. Its amazing that we have been around for more than ten years, still alive and kicking. Here’s to ten more years! Thanks for making F7Lans your home for gaming. We won’t let you down!


I just realized how long I’ve known you nerds at this point. Jeez.


Indeed. BFFFFFFFFFF. Make sure you register and link your steam account so we can get you on le roster!

See, I am already nagging.






I have complied.


Just curious, but what happens if we don’t do all the things?


Bad things happen!


I have created account but it won’t let me link my steam. I get a 404 not found error after I log in on steam.


Yeah, its because of the space in your username. I went ahead and fixed this for you. Use CarlBrutananadilewski for your username and login again.


Nope, didn’t work. I’m scared bad things are going to happen now because I can’t do all these things.


Same error?


yes sir!


No it won’t even get to the steam page.


Am I breaking your toys?


You are. Have a chance to get on steam and talk to me directly?


I am on steam on my phone.


nevermind, steam app on phone sucks ass. It can’t stay connected. I am installing on my work computer.


Steam is down at the moment duder


wonderful! anyone use skype?