f7 goes creative!


So a few months ago I decided that I needed some f7 hardware in my office. As some of you know, I work for a company that makes conveyor systems for bulk material. We have a plasma table that’s pretty damn sweet so I decided to get an f7 logo burned out of 3/8" plate. The rest just kind of fell into place. Here is the step by step process I went though to make it.

Here is all the materials that went into it. The f7 logo burned out from 3/8" plate, a 6"x2"x3/8" base plate, black and (the closest matched) yellow high gloss spray paint.

The base plate I used was just some that I had laying around at my dad’s shop. I would have burned another plate out on the plasma table but my original intention for the f7 logo was different than what I did with it shown here. As you can see, it didn’t have the straightest of edges on one side, so I took a grinder and fixed that right up. Also removed all of the rust and as much mill scale that I could without digging too far into the surface of the plate.

Next step was to find center of the plate and weld the f7 logo to the base plate. Also took the time to level it out nicely before tacking it as well.

Now comes the most tedious part. Masking off what needs to be painted black. As you can see, the top and bottom of the “F7” have a 1/4" bar on the top and bottom. Physics and gravity kept it from just floating inside the ring, but I am saving that for the next project.

On goes the gloss black.

After two coats of gloss black and waiting for it to dry, we remove the tape. As an extra precautionary, I used an XACTO knife to cut the paint next to the tape so there won’t be any tears in the paint.

This part was a lot easier to mask off, as you can tell. All the metal that is exposed here will be painted yellow.


Finished! Some of the paint chipped at the bottom of the bottom bar for the “F7” letters so I’ll see if my daughter has a yellow Crayola marker somewhere and touch that up. The paint itself came out quite well and it’s nice and shiny.

Here is another shot of it with somewhat of a black background. I didn’t have anything to use as a full backdrop so the only thing I could use was the little seat-box-thing at the end of my bed.

Thanks for checking it out!


That is pretty frickin cool @bl3nd0r!!!


When can I expect mine to arrive?


I can see if I can get a few more burned out and make an arsenal of them.


This is awesome. It turned out great!


Fucking gravity! Wouldn’t let the f7 float in the middle. Otherwise, pretty cool. Who is up for some f7 tattoos next?


Don’t you be toying with our emotions now.


Looks great!


logged in just to say this is cool.

ninja vanish


Dude that is bad ass! I need to learn metal working from you!


Thanks everyone. It was quite simple really.

@freeb1rd, I can teach you the ways of metal working anytime!


Super cool, yo!