F7 First Friday! (Feb 6)

@Super_Cereal and @Esca are hereby hosting February 2015 F7 First Friday!

The game we’re going to be queuing is Heroes & Generals (it’s freemium!). We can team up in groups of 6.
For those of you not interested in shooting Nazis, well, I’m not quite sure what to say to you. =(

Times and additional information will be provided a little later, but feel free to jump in convo here to let us know if you’re interested.

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I tried H&G a few nights ago but had a real issue with connecting to a server. Not sure if it was the game or me so I’ll have to try it again and play with the settings. At the least I’ll be in mumble and listen to everyone shout as they kill Nazis.

For those who don’t want to play H&G or if the party of 6 fills up I’d be willing to run some Guns of Icarus if I’m around Friday evening (which I should be).

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Just in case he didn’t see it, tagging @Ouch here in case he is interested, YES, there is an event!!!

Sometimes it does take a long time to queue. It’s easiest if you go through the “balanced” computer setup matches, because the “war” matches require you to be assinged by a person playing a general in the RTS side of the game, so they can be a lot slower in getting set up.

Nine PM


Thanks to @Ouch for trying to show up to game night. =( Business ain’t boomin so much, I suppose.

…then the server died. Soooo, apparently baby Jesus didn’t want us killin’ Nazis.

p.s. I"m pretty excited to see the kind of random traffic that previous post gets us.

Welcome to game night. That is pretty much the only turnout we ever get. He has like a 100% turnout rate. He is basically a God among men.


Well I don’t know about god status, maybe demi-god because I was 20 minutes late or so due to pizza and a large glass of Sangria. :smile:

Not sure what to say about event night that has not already been stated. I’m there every time because I enjoy playing with this group but also I’m a bit older with a family so Friday nights are at home relaxing. Others may have far more interesting plans and that is too be expected. I think the best we can do is just keep posting the event for the first Friday of each month, post it to the site, facebook, twitter and all over. I think perhaps we should keep it TF2 since the polls seem to indicate that is what everyone wants despite what has been posted. It’s familiar territory and really most regulars come to an event to catch up not so much over the game, imo. I’d keep a fresh signup list for each month and if by the day or two before the event there’s not much interest then skip it for that month.

I think the F7 group is at a point now where some months are going to work out better than others for the regulars. What we need to avoid is Socratez, Voldenae and other hosts needlessly sitting around for a half hour or more in an empty server. If there is not a list of people committing to being to an event night then so be it, try next month. I sure would hate to see F7 just fade away though.



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What we need to avoid is Socratez, Voldenae and other hosts…

getting burned out on loneliness. =(

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Friday nights are usually bad for me. Friday was the Father/Daughter dance at my daughter’s elementary school. I always look at the calendar and try to see if I can free up on the first Friday, but here lately it’s been a challenge.