f0rkzrig 2.0


Figure I would continue the trend of posting meaty pictures of PC’s.

Here is my latest build:

AMD FX-6100 overclocked to 4.0 Ghz (stock 3.3)
16 gigs of ram
Nvidia GTX 670

And some hardware prons:


Since we are seeming to all be posting photos of our rigs here is mine.


Nice. I’m still rocking my PC in that old-as-fuck Micron case I brought to LANfest like a million years ago. No pic because I’m typing this on my flatscreen from the couch, since I’m a lazy piece of shit.


I think this may be more up to date than my computer. I’ve been on mine for about 6.5 years and I updated the video card once and put a new hard drive in but that is it. Oh and I put in windows 7.


Rig pictures huh?

Here’s mine:


@f0rkz Dat cable management, yo. \m/


Thanks! Truth be told, this is @freeb1rd’s method. I only followed directions.