Extra Life in 60 days


To those of you who didn’t get notice yet, and would still like to take part again this year, I just wanted to give you all the head’s up. I’m hoping that the planets will align (STRAINED SPACE JOKE) and we can have a Starbound marathon, but I’m certainly open to other ideas. To that end, I am going to prod chucklefish with an email about my intentions, and I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Also: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?
The main site is back up if any of you would like to check it out.


F7 Windows servers make it possible. Tell me where to be and I’ll be there with a server in tow.


If starbound is actually out by then, I’m game for staying up all night.


@clickfire a friendly reminder that custom avatars are now possible through your user panel.

Even have animated gif support as @Nakedape has demonstrated.


Only 30 days left for this. According to a fairly interesting roadmap I found, I don’t think starbound will be ready in time.



The beta date is 2013, November is almost not. I sent them an email on our behalf, why the hell not.


Chucklefish wrote me back:

"Hey Ian,

Extra Life is a super awesome cause and we’d love to help! We’re not entirely sure the game will be ready for November 2nd, but if it is and all works out we’d be happy to provide you with copies to stream.

Molly Carroll
Community Manager, Chucklefish
http://www.chucklefish.org / http://www.playstarbound.com"


Stupid question: Is this something you yourself are doing to be awesome and need our donations, or is this something you want all of us to get excited about and participate with you? >.>


It’s essentially a repeat of something we did last year, but I suppose the most succinct answer would be “either or both” I guess I probably should’ve been a little more informative with it considering a good number of the people who participated last year are sort of minimally involved with f7 now. At any rate, I’ll be setting up the f7 extra life team again sometime in the coming weeks, and anyone who would like to is welcome to participate.


I guess we should do a serious call for folks about now. One week left. Kinda sucks that it takes place on a Thursday.

Edit: I was wrong, just noticed its taking place on November 2nd. That puts it on Friday (not much better but slightly I suppose)


…November 2nd is a Saturday. also: I’ll get the team set up presently, though we should deliberate over what game/games we’ll be playing since I haven’t heard anything additional back from Chucklefish as of yet.

Team page: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=13557


I’m half tempted to start a Twitch for this. I mean, I’d even put on makeup or something. >.> Gonna donate some cash even if I can’t jump behind the keyboard for the day. <3


Good to hear, as it currently stands I wouldn’t mind having people stream where possible, but sounds awesome either day. I can stream, it just depends on what we’re playing as to how not-shit it will be. Outside of that I’ll probably just grab a series of check in videos every few hours.


Man I shouldn’t try to estimate days at 3 am. I can’t keep track to save my life.

Saturday is way better than what I was thinking.


Join the team! Or throw us some cash. You know you want to… If I have the opportunity to get everything set up before Friday, I may very well do a SC2 QUEST TO SILVER twitch stream! For great justice, and donations.

Other games we as a crew maybe want to play together? Halloween TF2? Minecraft? something else?


I can’t tell if I’ve joined the team or not, I’ve tried probably once a day for the last week but it keeps timing out on me.


I’ll be in mumble fro 8am EST on, so feel free to join me and we can deliberate over thangs to play, if you’d like.


Not sure If I’ll be there quite at 8 am but I’ll get in contact you as soon as I"m set up.


I daresay we did much better this year than last year. As of this writing we managed to raise $225 for charity in spite of the rather dark side the internet showed this year. If any of you out there feel like you got $5 that you just can’t stand to have around, feel free to toss a few bucks at the Team!


Indeed, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped. T’was fun.