Event Night: Overwatch


EVENT NIGHT IS BACK! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, come join us in the Overwatch Open Beta for some intense 6v6 action. We will kick everything off on Friday May 6th at 7 PM EST. We will be starting a bit earlier than usual which will give us more time to play. Please RSVP below if you plan on attending this very special return of an F7 Classic! Hope you see you all there.


Official Overwatch Thread

+1 from me


I’ll be there, but later in the evening!


Unless something dire comes up at work, I’ll be there.


If life permits I should be there.


Work related engagements may require me to push this back to starting at or shortly after 8:00 PM. Will keep you updated.


I’m out, leaving town around that time for the weekend. Super excited about having another one of these though.


Officially pushing Event Night back to 8PM EST. I’ve got to take care of another commitment but should hopefully be home around 8:00PM. People can feel free to hop on discord and start early if they are online before I am. See you guys there!


I should be there. Yell at me on discord. I’ve finally had a day where I’m not running around everywhere this week. Probably get in some play time earlier today.


We have Captain America : Civil War tickets for 6pm tonight. But (I/we)'ll be on after! \m/ <3


Hey, funny story. You actually have to download a game to play it. herp derp.