Elite: Dangerous Thread!


Yeah, that sounds about right. I’ll go with that until I hear anything different.


So I finally got a response back from my buddy. He uses a combination of Voice Attack and another program called Astra. Astra responds back to him after he uses a voice command. Makes it feel more like a ship talking back to the operator. He gave me this link when I asked about Astra.


I made a thing:



Some info about the current rate of exploration since launch.

That’s an average of four and a half hours every day from our most dedicated players since December 16.

And all that time spent adds up to a lot of exploration. So far an incredible 11.3 million systems have been explored by players. At the current rate of play the Elite: Dangerous community will have charted the galaxy’s 400 billion star systems in 23,417 years. We’ll be finished by the year 25,432, so here’s hoping 255th century computers are PC compatible.


Accidental paint job coordination.


Leaked CQC Trailer. Enjoy.


Looks fun!


Do a barrel roll!


Store Page

Holiday 2015, $60 bucks, includes the base game. Seriously, if you own elite and want the expansion it costs you $60 bucks. If you don’t own it and want the game and expansion it costs you the $60 bucks. Want a season pass? Better cough up $195. Seriously, fuck this game. Is there more to the expansion to justify the pricetag? Maybe. But given how poorly they have supported this game to date compounded with this latest news is making a lot of people upset. I’m smelling a rant filled podcast topic coming.

Edit: I guess current owners of the game get the expansion for around $45.


I would buy it for $20-30 without question if it adds as much as I think it would. $45 is pushing it though, seriously. Also wtf $195 Lifetime pass? Who in the hell would ever do this?


looked in my steam libray found i had an hour and 20 minutes in the game… sent in refund request. do no like that cash grab nor the way the game plays now. if i play a computer game i want reasonable keyboard controls not what came with it.


Yeah. That expansion is bullshit.


I find it somewhat likely that public backlash will change their tune.


Finally got my Recruit promotion with the Federation! \m/


Here’s one, Currently working on my Federation Duties, Love this game…

Hunt Well…



Holy hell… that bounty…


Awesome man. @f0rkz, @freeb1rd, @rew1red and myself used to play the hell out of this game but then fell off a bit. We really should launch it again one night for old times sake but I think we are waiting to see what comes of the CQC update.

Glad to see you hanging around the forums @zarkonus!


A few more, Just got today while waiting on my Fortification cool down timer…

Play Hard, Die Less…

CMDR Zarkonus


Are you fully kitted in that Asp?

I went for the Vulture over the Asp due to the price differences.