Elite: Dangerous Thread!


Elite: Dangerous is being overtaken by #thingssocsays :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m strangely okay with this.


Maybe #thingsspacesocsays ?


I’ve been posting them here because it’s always shit he says while playing elite dangerous.

It brings out the “best” in him.


@freeb1rd, maybe they sold you a lemon?


Running this route tonight…


In case you ever need Space AAA I’ll leave this here.



That’s pretty neat!



Guess who’s getting out of the Eagle today!!


This tool is amazing for seeing how much you need to fit a ship properly:



Me with my favorite star in the Galaxy, Altair.


Ooooh pretty. If I bought the game and took screen shots it would probably look more like this…


Aint nothing wrong with a little xwing.


It runs surprisingly well. Ignore the Min/Req System Requirements because I was able to run it decently on my poor little toaster.


It has controller support sure, however even with a joystick I still need half my keyboard for thrusters. If you have a HOTAS you can eliminate the keyboard completely. @SOCRATEZ tried with a controller and lasted about two days or less as I remember before he bought a HOTAS.


I think my friend I go lan with on the weekends uses this when he plays Elite: Dangerous.
He also has voice command program he uses with phrases bound to keys or macros. It’s like he is talking to the ship’s computer when he does it. Pretty cool stuff. I forget what the name of the voice command program is, when I get it from him I’ll update this.


Please do because that sounds bad ass


Its voice attack


I used a PS3 controller and it was manageable. Much, much better than a mouse and keyboard at least. I would defiantly recommend a Hotas however. I got my Thrustmaster (hehe) for like 50 bucks and it works very well. Also, voice attack is something I had looked into previously but it only comes with a 30 day trial before you have to pay and I believe voices that don’t sound like Microsoft sound are also an additional cost. Some decent voices are free.