Donation FAQ


Just in case there are any questions regarding the donation system, please consult this FAQ before posting in the Site and Server Problems Category

##Q: What account do I use?##
The donation system uses a different account than the forums (currently). We are planning on bridging account logins in the near future, but currently, you would have to create an additional account if you have not done so already here.

##Q: Does store my credit card/Debit card information?##
Short answer is no.
Credit card and debit card information is sent to as a secure token. Stripe then processes the transaction and passes back a confirmation token. Any credit card information sent is secure. Additionally, F7Lans has an SSL certificate installed to make sure this data is secure at all times.

##Q: I want to donate more than the sliders allow. How would I do this?##
There is a text form box next to the donation amount slider that will allow you to put any amount you would like. Simply type it there and click outside of the form box to see your donation total change.

##Q: What is the F7 Tip category?##
We have some hard working folks here at F7Lans. If you think they deserve a little bit of your dosh, feel free to fill it in.

##Q: What is the Servers category?##
The servers category is a nest fund to collect money for any server hardware upgrades on the horizon. If there are no upgrades planned in the future, we will use these funds for various giveaways (IE: Steam gift cards, raffles, etc.). When a server goal is required, we will post information about the hardware we are requesting and a goal to meet that request.

##Q: What is the Charity category?##
When a charity is select to become the featured charity, we will forward any money collected and donate it to the featured charity.

##Q: When will I be able to spend F7points?##
Since we all work on F7Lans in our spare time, we do not have a schedule for the F7 store. Hopefully soon!

##Q: I am having an issue with my transaction!##
Sorry to hear that! Double check your payment method. It is possible you had a typo or there is some sort of issue with your credit card or bank.

##Q: I want to donate another way!##
Sometimes money is an issue or you are just not willing to dish out money at the time. This is very understandable. The best way to donate to F7Lans is telling your friends and getting them involved in the community. You can also send any Steam Games as a gift to SOCRATEZ to be used in future raffles.

##Q: My question wasn’t covered here. Where can I post it?##
Easy answer. Post it in the Site and Server Problems category!