Discord Server Now Available!


We are proud to announce a public roll out of our latest addition to our ever growing list of services by introducing a Discord server. What is Discord you may be asking? Discord is a fantastic little program that offers all-in-one voice and text chat with a focus for gamers. This combines two services we already offer, IRC and Mumble, in one easy to use platform with some fantastic additional features.

So how do you get set up to join us in Discord? Simply head over to this link and download for the platform of your choice. Please note that this app is also available for iOS and Android so you can stay connected on the go! Next, install the app and then create an account. Once you are set up you can use this referral link to gain access to our F7Lans server.

From there you can text chat with all your favorite F7ites from home and on the go. This way you can stay connected throughout your day and even sneak a peak at whats going on while at work. It tends to stay pretty active throughout the day so make sure you come join us! Finally, you can use this same program for all your voice chat needs. From our testing, the voice quality has been great and it has proven to be a very stable platform. There are some additional great features such as the program showing what game someone is in regardless of it being launched from Steam or otherwise.

Please join us with our brand new toy and spend some quality time with all your F7 friends. Make sure you make the move and let all your friends know as we will be shutting down our Mumble server as we transition over to this new app. Let us know in this forum if you run into any issues or have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you all online in Discord!

December Game Night 2015
December Game Night 2015
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Official Mumble Server



Looks faaaancy

RIP mumble, good times. I will pour my MiO water out for my homeys.


I would love to see more people up in the discord channel! Feel free to also invite your friends to share in the riches that is F7.


We already have more people than we did in IRC which is great.


So far I’m enjoying being able to abuse my work breaks to chat with F7.


Looks like there is an issue and discord is down. Hope it is resolved soon!


Best Voip program created so far in my opinion. Would love to talk to more people if they joined. You literally don’t have to download anything if you don’t want to, it runs directly off of your browser. Don’t even have to create an account if it’s just to join the chat.


@Morisato is right! Come join us in Discord both for voice chat in the evening and for text chat throughout your day. Fairly active and a great way to stay in contact with everyone. The mobile app is particularly nice. Also, welcome to the forums!