December Game Night 2015

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Please ensure you download and set up Discord prior to this evenings event night so we can get things started without a hitch. Directions can be found here.


A method for those of you who need the Counter Strike Source textures, but don’t own the game.

The above is a more reliable way to get all of the required textures, but here is an easier way:


Thanks for coming out everyone! That was a ton of fun.

Here are some screenshots from tonight.


THANK YOU EVERYONE who came to game night. A very successful evening that only just ended. Wait is it really almost 2AM? Shit…


I would say that generally speaking, prop hunt was more ‘fun’, but I will say this- when everyone was hiding out in the cabin in the woods, sniping one random person, and the ensuing massacre that resulted (from innocents shooting each other) was priceless.


Really? From my discussions it seems the general consensus was that TTT was WAY more fun. You may have enjoyed it more if you were in Discord with everyone since most of the talking and joking around was done in there. But different folks for different strokes or something like that.