December Game Night 2015

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Should be there. It will give me a good excuse to finally install Gary’s Mod.


I will definitely be joining.


Remember to install Counter-Strike: Source as well (if you have it) ahead of time! Use the steam backup if you don’t!


Well, good thing I didn’t say 100%, turns out I have a funeral to go to Friday. Who knows though, maybe I’ll be able to get home afterwards in time.


Bought Garry’s Mod. (Thanks for the hot tip, @Carl_Bananas!!!) No CS:S, but maybe I can guineapig your backup theory.


I would love to see if that actually works!


I’m going to be trying this too.


Just a friendly reminder to everyone to get up and running in discord!

Here’s the invite link!


I’m tired and don’t want to research this. I downloaded the counterstrike file and open the .rar file and there are 25 folders in there. what do I need to do from here?


The guide I posted above has the info.


Thank you sir!


No luck on this for me. It asked for a key. :frowning:


Well that’s lame. It asked for a key when you installed the backup, or it let you install it but not launch it?

If the latter, that’s ok. We just need the game content there. Should see the game as preloaded.


It asked before it would allow it to be installed from backup.


Damn, well, there goes that idea!


yup, and I don’t want to spend $20 just to use it for one night.


I have been informed that this Saturday is mandatory for me so if I do play, it won’t be for long. Thanks Obama.


Don’t worry about it. It isn’t needed to play. You will just get some big error pics in place of the actual textures. I actually find it funny.


I’m OK with error textures. :smile:

Also, Cereal has to work tonight =( But I should be there!