December Game Night 2015

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The last game night of 2015 is right around the corner! Next month we will be bring a brand new gaming experience for the final event of the year. We have a couple of brand new Prop hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town servers up and running just for this event. For those of you who may not know, Prop hunt is basically hide and go seek where the “props” have to pick a random object in the map and try to blend in as best they can while the “hunters” try to figure out just what objects are out of place. Trouble in Terrorist Town involves a number of players being labeled as terrorists while the others are innocent. The Terrorists win if all Innocents are dead and the Innocents win if all Terrorists die. Since no one can know for sure who is innocent and who is a Terrorist it creates some tense “Mexican Standoff” moments where paranoia takes hold of everyone.

We will be meeting on our brand new Discord server at 9:00 PM EST on Friday, December 4th. From there we will give you all the server details you need to allow you to join us for each game mode. All you need to do is ensure you have Garry’s Mod downloaded and be in Discord at 9:00 PM! Many of you likely already own Garry’s mod but if you don’t it can be picked up for dirt cheap and will give you hours of fun. Make sure you get your downloads done early so you can jump right in and join us when the event goes live.

For our records, please try to RSVP below if you intend to be there. Of course, everyone will be welcome but it would be nice to know how many to expect so we can try to accommodate accordingly. See you then!

-Esca (perhaps)


Server information - Trouble in terrorist town server - Prophunt server - In case we get bored and want to troll some youtube together

Prerequisite Files

Garry’s Mod

Counter-Strike: Source (Not required to play but contains some textures that are used. Without it you may notice some “Error” textures in place of actual textures.)

If you do not own Counter-Strike: Source, you may be able to get by downloading this steam backup and installing it. I do not think garry’s mod cares if you have the game purchased or not, just that you have the content (we haven’t tested this yet!) Unfortunately, this will not work. No worries, we’ll just have to deal with broken textures if you don’t have the game. If you do have CS:S its recommended that you have it installed.


I’ll be there!


I miss prop hunt, so I’m looking forward to it!


Needless to say: I’ll be there.

Looks like the whole gang has checked in!



…I have to work Saturday morning December 5. So I can’t stay up too late. But I’ll hopefully be done with my class by then, so no homework. <3333


So that means you and @Super_Cereal will be there?


Me, probably. Cereal’s working night shifts for the beginning of their outage, so he may be at work.



We need more people for prophunt and TTT. It won’t be fun without a good amount of people!

Sign up please!

@angrysquare @Carl_Bananas @clickfire @ph34rbot @cha0s5150 @Patches @Viden @freeb1rd @Zadasolar @bl3nd0r @Ouch @Schlinky @anyone i forgot


You can sign me and @Zadasolar up, sorry forgot to respond.


My attendance is a toss-up. Core reload is scheduled to begin the next day so I may or may not be stuck getting ready.


I will most likely be there, unless I get abducted by aliens or something.


I don’t have garry’s mod and I’m saving my money for some fallout 4. Anyway I can get around this Garry’s mod requirement?


Its $10 if i recall. I’ll buy that shit for you if you don’t want to pay the price of two cups of joe.


Thanks for the offer but I think I will bite the bullet and buy it. I have $11 in my steam wallet from selling tf2 shit. It’s only money, can’t take it with me when I die.


That’s the spirit!


I’ll say I’m 95% good for that night.


I’ll give a more definite answer once the date gets closer.


Lucky me. I just went in to purchase Garry’s Mod and it is currently 75% off. It is on sale for $2.50 until Dec 1 for anyone else who may not have it.


Seriously good news. Literally no excuse not to own it now! Great find.